5 Tips For a Relaxed Wedding Day

I understand the pressure. The pressure of having 100 plus people watching you. The chaos of trying to keep all you vendors in order. The stress of staying on time with everything. I get it. We all know things don't go as planned. 

 Here are my five tips for playing it cool on your wedding day.


Seriously.... You may not get the exact color flowers you ordered. Or your centerpieces may be a little off. Maybe you even forgot the rings. It's all good. It's what make your day unique and honestly, it's fun. You really do learn a lot about a couple on their wedding day when it comes to these little things. Don't fret the small things. YOUR GUESTS DON'T CARE. They are just excited to see you on one of the biggest days of your lives. I promise, just let it go.


Don't make this person your maid of honor. She's got tons of other things to worry about. This is a great job for an aunt, grandparent, cousin or someone that isn't in the wedding party. They can help keep your vendors in order, run small errands for you, help organize the family portraits, hold your dress or bouquet, fix your hair, be in charge of your phone, etc. All these little things are extremely helpful. 


Take a few moments to yourself to really take the day in. This is so important. I mean you're getting married for heaven's sake! We all need to get away from everyone and just relax and come back down to Earth.


Notice when you're grinning from ear to ear. Take in the moment. Implant it into that happy mind of yours. 


Don't forget about the quiet aunt that helped raise you or the cousin that traveled far for your special day. These people care about you and it means a lot to them when you acknowledge them. There is a lot of guests to say hello to so when get the chance to, make sure to thank them and show them your gratitude. When you give a genuine thank to your guests it really creates a positive energy around your wedding.

san diego wedding.jpg



Spring Maternity Session // Oak Glen

First of all, let's bring it back to last October. I worked this stunning fall wedding in the apple orchards of Oak Glen. I mean this was a dream wedding. Her dress was perfect, the groom's speech had everyone tearing up and they served apple pie instead of cake. Like, this is what dreams are made of.

oak glen

Fast forward to now... they're having a baby!! I'm so excited for this beautiful couple. They are going to be wonderful parents and I imagine their baby is going to be one rad kid. I mean with parents that walked down the isle to The Rolling Stones... This kid lucked out. Here's to these two (soon to be 3) beautiful souls!

IMG_2088 copy.jpg

Sunset Cliffs Elopement Styled Shoot

Last month I had the privilege of photographing a styled elopement at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. Now let me just say... IT. WAS. AMAZING. Basically the most beautiful sunset we could've asked for. Models were incredible, florals were to die for, attire was spot on, and all other vendors were simply perfect! 

San Diego Wedding Elopement Sunset Cliffs-46.jpg

So first things first... This couple is absolutely gorgeous! 

San Diego Sunset Cliffs Elopement Wedding Beach.jpg
San Diego Elopement Wedding Sunset Cliffs-2.jpg

They were such troopers throughout the entire session. It was seriously cold and I'm sure they were chilled to the bone. 

San Diego Wedding Elopement Sunset Cliffs-56.jpg
San Diego Wedding Elopement Sunset Cliffs-3.jpg
San Diego Wedding Elopement Sunset Cliffs Beach-4.jpg
San Diego Wedding Elopement Sunset Cliffs-64.jpg

We had so much fun with these two. The colors were stunning and the sun came out and kissed our session at the perfect time. Whenever I look at these images I think back to the cold salty breeze and the incredible beauty San Diego has to offer. Needless to say it was nice to jump back in our cars and defrost.

Let me know what you think of this session!


Models// @kaysavv @okgavi

Clothing// Dress @bhldn Suit @zaramen 

Florals// @native_poppy 

Rentals// @adorefolklore 

Calligraphy// @fourthingspaper

Styling//  CaliDreamin- SamErica Studios

New Year // New Goals // Same Me

Yeah, we all know the new year is for making changes, trying to better yourself,  kickin' old habits or maybe you're like me and you're starting new habits! I thought I'd give this blogging thing a go for 2018. ....News Years Resolution #6284728.... ✅😬



This new year will be bringing me a lot of exciting things! After 6 years of working two jobs and going to college I'm finally making a dent in my education. I've had several events happen that knocked me down but I fought through. There have been many late nights, early mornings, tears of joy and tears of frustration. Although, I know many people who have finished college with much harder circumstances and deserve the praise much more.

It's so easy to set unrealistic, high goals for ourselves and then quickly feel hopeless or unmotivated because we aren't reaching them. It always feels like our dreams or goals are so far out of reach! The past year I focused on short-term, easy to reach goals which has changed my life! I plan on incorporating this strategy into my business. 

Some of you may not fully understand what these goals are but here they are... for everyone to see. So on January 1st, 2019 you guys better be asking about these goals! Each one of these goals is within reach for me. I already have plans for about half of them. I have many ideas and plans for 2018. I'm looking forward to letting them come to life! 



Attend one California photography workshop

Attend one out-of-state/country photography workshop

Visit and shoot in Yosemite

Organize a styled elopement

Gain a larger following of potential clients

Engage with current/past clients more often



Continuing a healthily diet

Travel more -Visit the Sunshine Coast in B.C.

Get more creative with cooking 

Here a cute pic of my kitty.

Here a cute pic of my kitty.