January 2, 2018

New Year // New Goals // Same Me

Yeah, we all know the new year is for making changes, trying to better yourself,  kickin’ old habits or maybe you’re like me and you’re starting new habits! I thought I’d give this blogging thing a go for 2018. ….News Years Resolution #6284728…. ✅?



This new year will be bringing me a lot of exciting things! After 6 years of working two jobs and going to college I’m finally making a dent in my education. I’ve had several events happen that knocked me down but I fought through. There have been many late nights, early mornings, tears of joy and tears of frustration. Although, I know many people who have finished college with much harder circumstances and deserve the praise much more.

It’s so easy to set unrealistic, high goals for ourselves and then quickly feel hopeless or unmotivated because we aren’t reaching them. It always feels like our dreams or goals are so far out of reach! The past year I focused on short-term, easy to reach goals which has changed my life! I plan on incorporating this strategy into my business. 

Some of you may not fully understand what these goals are but here they are… for everyone to see. So on January 1st, 2019 you guys better be asking about these goals! Each one of these goals is within reach for me. I already have plans for about half of them. I have many ideas and plans for 2018. I’m looking forward to letting them come to life! 



Attend one California photography workshop

Attend one out-of-state/country photography workshop

Visit and shoot in Yosemite

Organize a styled elopement

Gain a larger following of potential clients

Engage with current/past clients more often



Continuing a healthily diet

Travel more -Visit the Sunshine Coast in B.C.

Get more creative with cooking 

Here a cute pic of my kitty.

Here a cute pic of my kitty.

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  1. Jamie says:

    You got this! You are an amazing, fun, creative and awesome person with a great personality! I have no doubt you will reach these goals. Keep you head held high and stay focused on the most important positive people and things in your life. I loved this post in your blog. Super inspirational. Keep the posts coming. ?. Cheers to a New Year! ?

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