April 20, 2020

Wedding Photographers and Why They Are So Expensive

YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED. Whoa, that exciting. It’s a true thrill planning a wedding, isn’t it? But how much should a wedding cost? How much does a venue cost? Am I going to be in loads of debt after this?

So many questions that I’m sure you’re asking yourself. I’m here to help you answer a few and maybe ease your mind a bit. Most couples are asking questions such as, “Why do wedding photographers cost so much?”. I’m here to answer that and tell you what you get with those high ticket photographers.

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How much does a wedding photographer cost?

From my experience and research, the average cost of a photographer in California is around $3000. You might find a few photographers claiming they charge $1000 and under but it’s important to look into the facts. How are they able to charge so much less? With the $3000+ photographer, you’re getting someone who is licensed and insured. Someone that has experience in handling every type of wedding day situation and can provide a high quality finished product. Also, someone you can trust.

What is included in a photography package?

Photography services in the $3000+ range usually include 8 hours of service, 2 photographers, digital images, retouching and maybe a few prints or an engagement session. Figure out what is most important to you. Do you want to hire a photographer that only supplies digitals and have to deal with the hassle of printing? That really up to you. A full service photographer are priced a little higher due to the products they supply.

How much does a wedding album cost?

Generally speaking, a 10 X 10 album could run anywhere form $150-$600. With that you’re receiving a professional designed album of the highest quality. Most of the print labs photographers use are for professional businesses only. So going through the photographer for products is your best bet if you want quality that will last forever.

How much does the average wedding cost?

The average wedding cost here in California is around $30,000. Now remember this and average. Most weddings can be done beautifully for half this price. When you think about spending $30000 on a wedding, only 10% of that is on a photographer. The photographer is whom you depend on to capture the memories.

Food for thought

You could book a stunning venue for $17000 but deicide to hire an inexperienced photographer to save a little money. Will this photographer be able to capture the beauty that you just spent an arm and a leg on?

You book a photographer for $1200. Hooray! Now you have more money for your honeymoon! The wedding day comes around and your photographer’s camera isn’t working properly. They don’t have a back up camera which is how they make their packages inexpensive… Now what?

What a $3000 photographer looks like.

2+ Cameras

3+ Lenses

Lighting equipment

Professional editing software

Reliable transportation

Business License and Insurance

Second shooters

Back up photographers in case of emergency

Contracts in place

Payment plans

Reliable photo back ups

Online gallery services


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