June 9, 2020

How to pose during a photoshoot when you’re awkward AF

Ah, posing… The number one phrase I hear from my clients, “We are really awkward”.

It may be intimidating to some when they hear this from clients, but not for me! I love the challenge of bringing couples out of heir shell. BRING IT ON. Posing doesn’t have to be hard, confusing, or formal. And really, it shouldn’t be unless you’re doing some fashion Vogue photoshoot.

During an engagement session or wedding portraits, it’s really important that the images represent who you are. If you’re a silly person, a shy person, someone who likes to laugh, or even cry. Really it’s okay to show yourself during a photoshoot.

The way I approach posing is more of an interactive style. I typically explain what the pose will look like, then tell you the prompt of how to achieve that. It’s a really simple process. Sometimes I get giant smiles, or belly laughs during the photoshoot, which is always my goal! There are other times when we take it down a notch and I’ll have my couples just look at each other in the eyes. Another really simple way to capture some emotion.

I have SO many favorite prompts that I use. Sometimes during a session, my mind overwhelms me with idea and I brain fart for a second. Here is a few of my all-time favorite, go-to engagement session poses, and prompts.

The Drunk Walk

Literally exactly what it sounds like… I will ask my clients if they have ever had to walk while drunk, most say yes or at least they have seen someone walking drunk. Now I tell them, imagine you’re walking home from a bar, holding hands, pretty tipsy… Now, what would that look like?


Seattle elopement photographer

Seattle wedding photographer


The Bear Hug

Lace-up their fingers and go in for a giant snuggly hug!


San Diego Wedding Photographer



The Piggy Back Ride

Who says piggyback rides are for kids? LIES! Sand or snow, it’s always a good idea.


San Diego Photographer

Seattle photographer


Smell an ear

This can go both ways. Either person can easier do this prmopt. It usually promotes cute giggles.




Hopefully I’ve cleared the air with your worries of being “awkward”. Really it’s not a big deal. All of these couples you see pictured here mentioned to me that they were awkward in front of the camera. If you feel like you have more questions about posing, feel free to contact me!


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