February 18, 2021

How to elope in Joshua Tree National Park

Quail Springs Elopement
You’re finally doing it! Eloping in Joshua Tree can be such a magical decision. This park is known all over the world for it’s vast views and unique trees. It’s really a playground for adults. Wondering how to elope in Joshua Tree National Park? Keep reading!Hemingway, Joshua Tree National Park

Here are the top 3 questions I receive about eloping in Joshua Tree National Park.

How do I get an elopement permit for Joshua Tree National Park?

To elope inside the national park you’ll need a special use permit. The fee for this is $120. If you’re planning on having a photographer (which hopefully you are) they will also need a separate special use permit, which is $120. Honestly, $240 is nothing for the stunning views you get in this park. I recommend applying for this permit at least 30 days in advance.
Find the permit instructions here.

What are the best elopement locations in Joshua Tree National Park?

Deciding where to elope inside the park can be tough if you’ve never explored the area. I highly recommend taking a trip out to the park to find the perfect spot. You’ll need to figure out a location before applying for the permit because they’ll ask you for this. Some of my favorite elopement locations include Cap Rock, Keys View, Hemmingway and Quail Valley.

How do I find vendors for Joshua Tree NP?

Well, good thing you found me! After you book me as your photographer you gain access to my preferred vendor list. This list includes planners, florists, rentals and hair and make-up. If you’re staying in the area I can also recommend places to stay, hikes and things to do.


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