May 26, 2021

A Classy Los Angeles Elopement

This Los Angeles elopement was everything you’d every dream of! A classic car, great views and a super cool couple. Every time someone thinks of Los Angeles, what do they think of? THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN, DUH! So of course we had to get a few snaps with it. Austin and Erika also brought a mixture of film cameras and an 8mm camera. Check out some of the shots we took with them!

Finding a private spot to elope in Los Angeles can be a challenge. It’s best to be open to different areas and just have fun with it! I mean, it’s LA! There are several hidden nooks and crannies to have fun with. Los Angeles is the perfect spot to let those creative juices flow. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and be adventurous. This couple was set on eloping in their neighborhood near the Hollywood sign. It was a bit crowded but we followed a trail and found a nice private area for some vintage style photos.

We took the windy road all the way up to a view point where we could see the Hollywood sign. We saw some historic celebrity homes on the way. It’s truly an iconic spot to elope in Los Angeles. A Los Angeles elopement is just want you needed to see make all your vintage dreams come true.

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