December 1, 2021

Eloping in Death Valley National Park: An Intimate Guide

Eloping in Death Valley
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In 2019, the average US wedding was $28,000.

Some people have waited their whole lives for a wedding. They’ve spent years imagining walking down the aisle and sharing a slice of cake with their forever partner.

On the flip side, tons of others have considered nontraditional wedding plans to save money and time. As wedding costs are on the rise, more people are eloping to the destination of their dreams. 

Are you interested in a Death Valley elopement? Read the short guide below to plan the perfect romantic wedding escape. 

Zabriskie point elopement in death valley
A couple eloping at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park

Securing a Permit

Unfortunately, eloping in Death Valley isn’t as simple as running into the park with a minister. You’ll need to check out special use permits. 

Special park use includes using the park for anything that doesn’t benefit the community at large, such as a miniature wedding. But don’t panic just yet.

The National Parks Service will approve your permit as long as they acknowledge you won’t be interfering with other guests, wildlife, and the natural elements. You’ll have to save the glass champagne bottles for the afterparty!

Apply for a Death Valley special use permit no later than 3 months before your elopement. 

Where to Go 

As fun as it is to spend hours wandering around a national park, it’s helpful to know the best places to elope in Death Valley when you’re in your dress and heels. 

Find a place that’s beautiful but easy to reach. Plan to wear appropriate clothing and shoes if you’re wanting to be a tad adventurous when saying your vows. Explore online to research outfit ideas

There are tons of awesome sceneries in Death Valley, such as the Bad Water Basin Salt Flats, Artist’s Palette, and Dante’s View. Wherever you decide to go, avoid major summer heat spikes. I suggest going in October or November. 

Where to Stay

Book your lodging ahead of time for a seamless stay in Death Valley. 

If you want to stay in the park, check out local hotels. Death Valley hotels include The Oasis or The Ranch. Some couples even choose to secure a spot in the campgrounds for their elopement getaway. 

For a cozier stay, check out local Airbnb options. You can even rent a large Airbnb to host a couple of close friends. Make sure you ask your Death Valley elopement photographer to stop by to photograph you getting ready for your big day. 

Are you wanting to celebrate your marriage in a flashy fashion? Las Vegas is only a couple of hours from Death Valley and has plenty of hotel options such as the Bellagio and Caesars Palace.

Skip the Wedding: A Death Valley Elopement

While planning a wedding is exciting, it isn’t for everyone. Skip the wedding, and plan a Death Valley elopement. 

Start by applying for a special use permit for the big day. Once you have the green light, secure a romantic stay within the area. Don’t forget to schedule a photographer and officiant!

Speaking of scheduling a photographer, you’ve ended up in the right place. My name is Kellie, and I’d love to be the visual storyteller of your wedding or elopement. Explore the site to check out my past work, and contact me today to capture the beginning of your forever. 

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