May 13, 2022

Should I Have a First Look at My Wedding?

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The number one question for a wedding day is whether to have a first look before the ceremony or save that moment for the isle. Every couple has a different view on the first look. This is all based on your preference, personal views and schedule of your wedding day. Here are a few things to think about when deciding if you should have a first look on your wedding day.

  1. Are you reading your own written vows?
    Something a lot of couples do not consider is whether they want their vows to be private or read aloud with their guests. When doing a first look before the ceremony you have the option to read vows to each other privately. This is perfect for couples who are a bit shy or couples that want to keep their vows more intimate. From the perspective of someone who has worked over 250 weddings, private vows are highly suggested.
  2. How much time do you want to spend together on your wedding day?
    Guess what? A first look maximizes your time together! If you decide on doing a first look before the ceremony you’ll get and extra hour or two to hang out and be preset with each other.
  3. Are you going to have major wedding days jitters?
    You might be feeling extra nervous on your wedding day, TOTALLY NORMAL BTW…. But a first look might help those jitters. Seeing one another before the ceremony can calm the nerves and give you the opportunity to spend a little time together.
  4. Do you want your family photos done before the ceremony?
    Something awesome about doing a first look before the ceremony means you can get some of your photos done and out of the way. Whether you chose to do your family photos or your wedding party photos beforehand this will give you more time during cocktail hour to either join the party, go offsite for sunset photos or extend your couples portrait time.
  5. Are you a traditional or untraditional couple?
    A first look is not for everyone. If you’re leaning towards a more traditional wedding day you may not want a first look. Thats okay, too! You can leave the surprise for that first look at the ceremony.

With a first look before the ceremony you actually get TWO FIRST LOOKS. I promise that your lover will still be jaw-dropped when they see you at the end of the isle even if you have already done a first looks beforehand.

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