November 22, 2022

Glamis Sand Dunes Engagement – Haley & Dan

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The Glamis Sand Dunes are a true spectacle located right outside of El Centro. Driving to the sand dunes can be an adventure in itself. There are a few fun stops that you can make as you journey out there. Some of those locations include, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, The Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain.

Here’s a few tips if you’re planning engagement photos at the Glamis sand dunes:
1. Bring water! The desert can be unpredictable. You might be dealing with high temperatures if you’re doing you photos between June-Sep.
2. Go shoeless! During the cooler seasons, it’s fun to go shoeless and run around in the sand. During warmer months, protect your feet from the hot sand by wearing boots.
3. Arrive at least 20 minutes early to your session. Traffic and can be somewhat unpredictable. You may not be able to find parking at your chosen location. Arriving early will give you the opportunity change locations if needed.
4. Plan your session in the off season. Glamis is very popular for riders and campers in the fall and winter months. It’s better to do your session during warmer months, although you will be dealing with heat.
5. Incorporate something fun. Bring a bottle of champagne, stuff for a campfire, smoke bombs, or some lanterns for after dark.

If you’re looking to hire a photographer for your Glamis engagement session, reach out! I’d love learn more about what you envision for your session.

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