Can you believe you’ve made it to this point? You’re actually searching for a wedding photographer. This is a big deal. I want you to know that each of my couples get a unique experience catered to them. It’s not a one-size-fits-all type of deal. I will work with you on every detail of your day if needed. If you’re strictly looking to hire a photographer to just get the job done, we likely aren’t the best match. I want to be you side kick on your wedding day. I’m not just there to get the job done. 

Your investment in photographs should be the biggest one you make for the day. You will always look back on these memories of the people you love. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll be reminded of every moment. When those loved ones are no longer with us, this is what you’ll turn to. An understanding in the value of photography is when you choose to make the investment. As my father told me before he passed, “Memories fade over time. Only with written word and the photograph can you truly capture a moment”.

WOW! This is really happening!





+ Pre Wedding Catch Up

Whether it’s via email, facetime, over the phone or in person, we’ll make it happen!

+ Full Days Coverage

From morning to night - 6, 8 & 9 hour packages, tailored to your schedule. 

+ High-Resolution Images

Perfectly sized and ready for you to print at any size.

+ Low-Resolution Images

Sized and ready for sharing across your social media channels 

+ Online Gallery

An online gallery you can access anywhere, anytime and share with family and friends.

Starting from $3800


+ 9 Hours Coverage
   I’ll be there from start to finish

+ High resolution photos
   perfect for print

+ Low resolution images
    perfect for sharing on social media
+ Online gallery to share with
family and friends

+ Online Slide Show with music
   sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day


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Best suited for couples that want their entire day documented. This is the only package that includes prints and and album.

+ All photos on a crystal usb
   for easy accessibility and storing

+ 10 4X6 gift prints with unique linen box

+ Second photographer
   for the entire day, no missed moments

+ Bespoke fine art album
   hardcover keepsake, 10x10” with your
choice of cover material

+ 1 Hour complimentary engagement
session with an online gallery

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Perfect for couples not having a grand exit and only wanting digital products. Add on an album later!

+ 8 Hours Coverage
   I’ll be there from the end of getting
ready to the dance party

+ High resolution photos
   perfect for print

+ Low resolution images
    perfect for sharing on social media


Get in touch for full price list

   + Online gallery
   to share with family and friends

+ Online Slide Show with music
   sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day

+ Second photographer
   for the entire day, no missed moments

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Perfect for shorter wedding days, smaller budgets and couples wanting just the basics.

+ 6 Hours Coverage
   I’ll be there from ceremony to first dance

+ High resolution photos
   perfect for print

+ Low resolution images
    perfect for sharing on social media


Get in touch for full price list

+ Online gallery
   to share with family and friends

+ One photographer, just me and my 

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Your journey’s just begun
Starting from $550

An intimate celebration
Starting from $1800

This is a great way to get to know your photographer and see how we work together. Some of my wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session but you can always add one to any package. 

Thinking of doing a small intimate ceremony instead? I offer any hourly option for elopements and even specific location packages like Joshua Tree and Big Sur. 

Wedding Videography

Like a mini movie of your day
Starting from $3400

I also offer videography options upon request. Ask for 
a pricing guide to see my videography packages.
Video packages include a 4-7 minute highlight video,
digital delivery w/ video clips from all the best moments of your day. Including speeches, dances, etc.


My couples hire me for my ability to capture candid images. It's all about knowing how to predict a
moment and being present in the wedding day. 


I’ll arrive a bit early to settle in quickly and say hi to everyone before I start shooting. I want to make sure that everyone (especially you) is 100% comfortable and pumped for the day ahead.


Throughout your day, I’ll be sneaking around trying to capture everything, including moments that went unseen. That little laugh, those watery eyes and that silly dance move. All the moments that make your heart flutter.


I'll. be whoever you want me to be on your wedding day. I can be the ringleader or I can let the day happen as is. I'm there for you and all your uniqueness. Nothing will be forced and I will never make you do anything uncomfortable.


photo editing

Timeless warm and nostalgic is how I describe my editing. I try to capture those natural colors and embrace the sunlight. Not every gallery is the same. Lighting, time of day and surrounding area play a huge role in how the camera sensor captures color. 

I edit each and every image individually. Photoshop any blemishes and soften skin. I will even Photoshop small things like, street signs or cracks in the ground. Composition is very important to me and small distractions such as that can take away from the subject. This is a crucial part of being a photographer, composition is everything!

If you have special requests for retouching, let me know and I'll see what we can come up with.


Imagine having a long lost friend come over and sit down on your couch only to see a wedding album on your coffee table. She opens it and starts crying tears of joy because she wasn't able to be there. But holding something tangible in her hands, turning each page and living each moment as if she were there.

Or imagine this; Your lover is on a work trip and you're just missing him sooo much, almost feeling sad. You look over at your bookshelf, pull out your wedding album and flip through all your favorite moments. Bringing you right back to where you started on your favorite day.

Who wouldn't want that?

"Kellie was so amazing and so easy to work with. She makes you feel so comfortable behind the camera. I loved loved LOVED how my wedding photos came out. She brought those memories to life for me and I will cherish them forever."

Madison & Keith

Upon delivery of your images, some packages include a digital slideshow. This is a fun way to view some of the highlights of your weddings day. You can sit back with a glass of wine, laugh and cry all you want! Share it with friends and family so they can relive all the fun and joy, too!
A retelling of all the romance in chronological order.

All the highlights from your day




Every love is unique.
It should be documented that way.

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