There is no doubt California has it all; sunshine, scenery and culture. Literally anything you can think of, California has it.

There’s nothing like that warm sun and your toes in the sand at the Palm Springs Windmills. This location is one of my favorites.

It’s always hard to decide what centerpieces and table settings to have for your guests. Personally, I love a more eclectic style of table decor.

Ah, posing… The number one phrase I hear from my clients, “We are really awkward”.

COVID-19 CAN’T STOP THESE TWO! Their wedding day was taken from them from this evil virus but they didn’t let that stop them from planning something fun.

The day before their wedding, the president declared COVID-19 a pandemic and asked everyone to stay at home. Luckily these orders weren’t mandatory yet so Nick & Camille were able to pull off their wedding.

YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED. Whoa, that exciting. It’s a true thrill planning a wedding, isn’t it? But how much should a wedding cost? How much does a venue cost? Am I going to be in loads of debt after this?

They had every camp activity you can think of for the weekend; a night hike, rock climbing… I also heard there was an amazing brunch the day after the wedding.

We had so much fun exploring with Joe and Taylor. We walked about a mile to this beautiful frozen lake. Lets ignore the fact that I fell in a creek though and had to continue the session in frozen, wet pants….