January 13, 2022

Wedding Photography Timeline

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The secret to a stress-free wedding day? Time! Here, my recommended wedding photography timeline for my couples.

Of course, the schedule is very customizable, depending on what you and your partner are looking for. Unexpected things can happen on your wedding day! That’s why a schedule, with plenty of time built in for the important things, is the best way to ensure you’ll have dream photos of your day forever. 

Here is my recommended wedding photography timeline for a traditional 8-hour wedding day without a first look, as well as minimum timeframes I recommend for photographing various parts of the day:


1:30 pm- Photographer Arrival

-Detail shots of the dress/suit and other items such as the invitation, perfume, cologne, shoes, jewelry, rings, sentimental items (min. 20 minutes)

2 pm- Getting Ready Photos

-Wedding party, marrier and/or family members getting ready (min. 20 minutes)

2:15- Group Photos with Wedding Party

-Everyone in robes or pjs celebrating with a champagne toast

2:45- Marrier in Dress/Suit

2:45- Celebrant Detail Photos

-Detail shots of the dress/suit, and other items such as shoes, tie, cufflinks, cologne, perfume, jewelry, watch, rings, sentimental items

3 pm- Wedding party dressed

3 pm- Celebrant starts getting ready

-Suit/Dress, shoes, etc.


3:30- Outside marrier attendant group photos (min. 15 mins)

4 pm- Outside celebrant attendant group photos (min. 15 mins)

4:30- Ceremony detail photos (min. 15 mins)


5pm- Ceremony

5:30- Family Photos (min. 30 mins)

Want a family photos list cheatsheet? Keep scrolling to the end!


6pm- Wedding party photos (min. 20 mins)

6:20- Bride/Groom photos (min. 30 mins)


7pm- Grand Entrance

– First dance for newlyweds

7:10- Dinner

7:45- Toasts

8pm- Father/Mother Dance with Newlywed

8:15- Cake Cutting (min. 5 mins)

8:20- Open Dance Floor

8:40- Bouquet/Garter Toss

8:45- Open Dance Floor

9:15- Grand Exit (min. 15 mins)

9:30pm- End Time

Here is the list of the minimum amount of time certain moments may take to photograph.

Details, dress & flatlay- 20 min

Getting dressed- 20 min

First look- 15 min

Groomsmen- 15 min

Bridesmaids- 15 min

Wedding party- 20 min

Family photos- 30 min

Couple portraits- 30 min

Ceremony/Reception details- 15 min

Cake Cutting- 5 min

Grand Exit- 15 min

And as promised, here’s a little bonus cheat sheet of must-have family photos!

  • Bride, groom + brides parents
  • Bride, groom + bride’s parents & siblings
  • Bride + siblings
  • Bride + mom
  • Bride + dad
  • Bride, groom + brides parents & grandparents
  • Bride + bride’s grandparents
  • Generational photo
  • Bride, groom + both sets of parents
  • Bride groom + both sides of family
  • Bride, groom + groom’s parents
  • Bride, groom + groom’s parents & siblings
  • Groom + siblings
  • Groom + mom
  • Groom + dad
  • Bride, groom + groom’s parents & grandparents
  • Groom + groom’s grandparents
  • Generational photo

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