January 6, 2022

Must-Have Wedding Party Poses

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Congrats! You and your partner narrowed down your wedding party, got everyone’s outfits coordinated, and now it’s time for the photos. The good news is, the hard part is over! While the standard “everyone stands in a straight line and smiles for the camera” is fine, it can get a little… boring. I always include a handful of action shots for my wedding parties! Not only do these let everyone’s personalities shine through, but they’re also way more fun and candid. Here are my 5 must-have wedding party poses that you can use for your wedding party photos:

  • Walking or Walking Away- Pretty simple and straightforward, right? This is a modern take on the straight-line prom group photo, and the walking action adds so much more interest!
  • Tunnel Run- Mix and match your wedding party and have them create a hand tunnel, then you and your partner run through! This is probably one of my absolute favorites, it always makes me think of celebrating and having fun. The tunnel run pose is the perfect “first” fun pose because it loosens everyone up, and the whole wedding party is always laughing by the end! This is definitely one of my must-have wedding party poses.
  • Dance Party- This pose takes the Tunnel Run to a whole other level! Throw your hands up and dance in the center of your wedding party, and have them do the same! Instead of awkward dancing, this pose is a great way to get everyone moving and grooving for the perfect group photo. PS- We can’t dance without music! Peep my go-to Wedding Party Poses playlist at the bottom of this post. Trust me, no one can resist these jams! 
  • Hip, Hip, Hooray- I know, this one sounds cheesy, but everyone loves it! It is so fun in the moment, and the photos turn out amazing every. time. 
  • Bar Photo- Use your imagination and pose like you’re in the tiny corner of the bar! Everyone can let loose in this one and squeeze in!

Bonus- Here’s my playlist I like to use when I’m taking wedding party photos:

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