April 5, 2022

How to Pick Outfits for Engagement Photos

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Planning your engagement photos, but not sure what to wear?

I’ve got you!

Literally, everyone struggles with outfit choices for engagement sessions! Here are some tips for how to pick outfits for engagement photos.


Think about your engagement photoshoot location: will you be in a studio, covered from potential weather? Or will you be at the beach, in the desert, or near a lake? Definitely check the weather in the days leading up to your session. The last thing you want is a surprise rain shower or a gust of freezing cold wind. Make the most of the weather you have on your shoot day, a bit of rain is so romantic and a breeze can add so much drama to photos!


I always recommend that my couples to stick with neutral, earthy colors for their engagement photos. If you or your partner are pattern people, try and keep it small! I want you to shine in your photos, and it’s kinda hard if you’re competing with an ultra-bright patterned outfit. That being said, if wearing orange and blue together is totally your thing, you do you!


Just because you’re keeping your outfit neutral doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with some texture! Add denim or corduroy to your outfits to showcase your style. And if you want to bring out your personality, faux fur, leather, satin, or velvet look amazing in photos! Try to keep it at 1-2 textures for both you and your partner, otherwise it gets a little busy!


I always encourage bringing accessories to your engagement session, because it’s another way to showcase you! Whether it’s something classic, like a hat, or something practical like an umbrella or jacket, accessories will always make the engagement photos feel so much more personal. I’ve had couples bring flowers, or even mementos from their first date!

Still looking for more help? Here’s my Style Guide Pinterest Board: *still need this link*

Searching for a photographer for your engagement?

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