May 15, 2022

Palm Springs Wedding Photography | All you need to know

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Are you planning your Palm Springs wedding or interested in Palm Springs Wedding Photography? Well I have some great tips for you! I’ve been working as a wedding photographer for over 6 years and I’ve worked over 200 weddings.

  1. Your wedding day attire
    I notice a lot of my Palm Springs couples have a laid back sleek style. Wedding dresses are likely simple with a bit of character or personality. I surprisingly rarely see lace dresses in Palm Springs. As for suits, I often see the laid back no tie look and most avoid the color black as it gets pretty warm mid-day.

2. Wedding Colors
Weddings in Palm Springs are typically vibrant and colorful. The vibrant colors always looks great against the mountain backdrop.

3. The Palm Springs flare
What you’ll notice around the area is there are always fun pieces of flare. You’ll see neon signs, pops of color or unique structures. It’s fun to incorporate the attributes into your wedding to give your guest the total unique Palm Springs experience.

If you’re planning a palm springs wedding and in need of a palm springs photographer, feel free to reach out to me! Here are a few other great resources to help plan your palm springs wedding:

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